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The Fabulous Work of AMSA

document.createElement('audio'); Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | SpotifyIntroducing Rachel Glassford, MPH candidate, AMSA Premedical Trustee, and Pathways Intern for the Dept of Health and Human Services. Listen to the full recording of the show for low down on AMSA’s fabulous work and how this organization can help you on your path to med school. 00:01:45 – Rachel’s MPH and  premed journey. 00:04:46 – Pathways Intern for the Office of Rural Health Policy. 00:06:15 – Representing physicians-in-training and improving the nation’s healthcare system: How does AMSA do it? 00:11:24 – Inspiration at the AMSA convention. 00:14:29 – Gaining a realistic understanding of the field before applying to med school. 00:17:13 – What AMSA offers med school students. And what Rachel is busy with. 00:18:27 – Advice for an MPH candidate. 00:19:59 – A word for premeds: Enjoy! (And if you aren’t, reassess.) Up for a trip to New Orleans? AMSA is offering an extension of the AMSA Convention early bird rate for Admissions Straight Talk listeners!! Just use coupon code NOLAEARLY  when you register here. (Hurry! Online registration closes on  Monday, February 17th.)   Subscribe to  Admissions Straight Talk  in iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode! *Theme music is courtesy of Relevant Links: †¢ American Medical Student Association (AMSA) †¢Ã‚  Navigating the Med School Maze,  tips to help you apply successfully to medical school. Related Shows: †¢Ã‚  What You Need to Know About Post-bac Programs †¢Ã‚  A Window into the World and Life of Medical Scribes †¢Ã‚  Med School Admissions with Cyd Foote †¢Ã‚  Med School Application Process: AMCAS, Secondaries, Interviews, Decisions More! Subscribe:

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Gender And Sexuality Of The Heroine Bathsheba Everdene

Despite being an era defined by its conservatism and strong sense of repression, progressive and subversive notions of gender can indeed be found in Victorian works, including those written by male authors. Thomas Hardy, arguably the most controversial novelist of his time, depicted gender and sexuality in a completely foreign way to Victorian ideals, leading to much of the controversy around him. Though many scholars argue vehemently that he cannot be classified as a feminist writer, it is undeniable that he placed women in roles most authors would not dare to, and openly expressed sexuality in ways that completely ignored the societal rules of Victorian propriety. Through his depiction and support of androgynous character roles and the†¦show more content†¦The performance Bathsheba gives on the back of her horse, riding â€Å"in the manner demanded by the saddle, though hardly expected by the woman,† observed by Gabriel is a pivotal scene in the development of her strength derived from her androgynous nature (Hardy 15). While riding her horse, Bathsheba approaches bramble too low to ride up right underneath it. She checks to see if anyone is around before laying her back against the horse, head resting over the rear, and proceeds to ride underneath. This position shocks and impresses Gabriel, for he is seeing probably for the first time, a woman in a classically male position by straddling the horse and simultaneously in the position of a woman by laying back against it. Much in the way of her being a female farmer, in this moment Bathsheba is operating somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum. However, it is not just Hardy’s heroine that portrays his unconventional ideas of gender, but his male protagonist Gabriel Oak, also demonstrate his promotion of androgynous identities. Boldwood and Troy, two of Bathsheba’s suitors inflict their gaze upon her in order to own her, a fact she is keenly aware of when she says â€Å"I hate to be thought of men’s property in that way,† in her open disagreement to marriage (26). The superficiality of Troy’s gaze, which is constantly rooted in Bathsheba being an object, is made grossly apparent, when he is looking upon the corpse of his lover Fanny Robin and turns to his then

Online Learning Requirements

Question: Demonstrate the technical and personal requirements of online learning? Answer: Introduction This report contains the relevance of the study module, which has been used for the completion of the course. The impact of the learning courses and the subjects has been included in this material. Behavioural change The courses included in the business management were designed to provide real life experiences to the students. Many of the topics covered were meant to improve the knowledge that was required for task completion. We were provided with the task related to analysing the case studies, and referring to other book materials which was necessary for applying the knowledge about management in the right manner. The challenges involved analysing the ability of the individual to solve the problem, through which the learning process for business management was implied. The challenges solution process helped in analysing the severity of the issue and adopting the best methods for solving the problem. Such factors or characteristics were required for handling the complex work culture that usually exists at the workplace (Pekrun et al., 2002). Development in career? Analysing challenges and evaluating the ability to solve the issues, has boosted the confidence level, which is required for handling the issues that exists at the workplace. It is necessary to adopt and implement logical thinking process, which would help in solving challenging situations that exists at the workplace. The reference modules and the process followed for analysing the severity of the issues has helped in improving the knowledge that is required for accomplishing the tasks. The studourse completion and the process that was expected to be followed for learning y materials along with the resources that were provided by the institute were quite helpful. Complicated work related situations were included in the course completion process. This was meant to help in solving different types of challenges that existed in real life and at workplace (Pekrun, 2006). The classroom task and the process expected to be followed for the task completion were analysed in details. Through such process, the details of the study materials and the subject intended to be covered in the course completion were discussed in details. This was done to highlight the relevance of the cnew process (Tallent-Runnels et al., 2006). Personal requirements Online learning process is easy, and convenient. However, it is necessary to analyse the technical and personal ability for the task completion. Technical requirements are related to faster internet connections and the ability to access internet from different places. Such a process would enable the student to access the course study and complete the studies at any time (Robbins et al., 2004). Personal requirements include developing skills to analyse the criticality of the probe and implement the corrective measures to improve the quality of learning. Such a process has to be planned, and the study materials have to be divided over different weeks. This would enable the learner to improve the learning process, and develop skills to apply different management related theories to real life. Self-interest is one of the important factors that would help in the business development. In this process, the student can plan for the steps that need to be followed for task completion. This would avoid any sort of delays that can affect the quality of education, and the learning process. It is necessary to integrate personal learning ability with the technical skills required for the completion of the course (Rovai, 2004). Competency level Competency level is related to different resources that are required for learning different topics that are covered in the subject. It is necessary for the student to use the best tools that would help in the development. The course materials have to be analysed and the best material has to be selected. This enables the learner to develop knowledge that is required for the task completion. It is necessary to test the competency level of the learner, as this would enable the member to know the concern areas that needs to be worked upon. The changes and the process that needs to be followed can be planned by the learner. This would help in organizing the learning process, which is required for increasing the learning process (Artino, McCoach, 2008). Personal development Management is a complicated topic, and it needs to be arranged in the right manner. The topics expected to be covered in this process has to be listed down and planned. Essential tools like online and offline study materials can be accessed for collecting necessary information that is required for the task completion. In this process, the task and the process has to be related to the time frame that is available for the student. This helps in evaluating the challenges and implementing the right plan that would help in the course completion. The process like collecting the study materials, analysing the same, and preparing personal notes has to be done in the decided manner. This will simplify the task of learning, for the learner (Artino, 2008). Different contexts The course on business management teaches the value of organizational management and different processes that can be followed for handling the environmental challenges. After the completion of the course, it would be possible to analyse the value of the organizations and the different methods that can be followed for handling the tasks at the workplace. In the environmental factors there are various internal and external factors that can directly impact the work ability. It is necessary to learn such process, as the management of different task becomes quite simple. In the social context, various factors that needs to be considered while drafting plans for management has to be evaluated. This has to be done, by evaluating the challenges and the process that needs to be followed for task execution (Eccles Wigfield, 2002). Operational techniques Some of the important techniques are Planning The process expected to be followed for task completion, and challenge analysis has to be included in this process. Through planning the challenges involved with different task completion process can be simpered (Bangert,2004). Implementation The drafted plan has to be implemented in the right manner, as this would help in the completion of the course in the desired manner. Challenges related to execution of the plan needs to be analysed, as this would enable in implementing corrective steps. Controlling The steps followed for task execution has to be controlled in the right manner. This would improve the quality of the task expected to be done (Klein et al., 2006). References Artino, A. R. (2008). Motivational beliefs and perceptions of instructional quality: Predicting satisfaction with online training. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 24, 260270. Artino, A. R., McCoach, D. B. (2008). Development and initial validation of the online learning value and efficacy scale. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 38, 279303. Bangert, A. W. (2004). The seven principles of good practice: A framework for evaluating online teaching. Internet and Higher Education, 7, 217232. Eccles, J. S., Wigfield, A. (2002). Motivational beliefs, values, and goals. Annual Review of Psychology, 53, 109132. Klein, H. J., Noe, R. A., Wang, C. (2006). Motivation to learn and course outcomes: The impact of delivery mode, learning goal orientation, and perceived barriers and enablers. Personnel Psychology, 59, 665703 Pekrun, R. (2006). The control-value theory of achievement emotions: Assumptions, corollaries, and implications for educational research and practice. Educational Psychology Review, 18, 315341 Pekrun, R., Goetz, T., Titz, W., Perry, R. P. (2002). Academic emotions in students' selfregulated learning and achievement: A program of qualitative and quantitative research. Educational Psychologist, 37, 99105. Robbins, S. B., Lauver, K., Le, H., Davis, D., Langley, R., Carlstrom, K. (2004). Do psychosocial and study skill factors predict college outcomes? A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 130, 261288 Rovai, A. P. (2004). A constructivist approach to online college learning. Internet and Higher Education, 7, 7993. Tallent-Runnels, M. K., Thomas, J. A., Lan, W. Y., Cooper, S., Ahern, T. C., Shaw, S. M., et al. (2006). Teaching courses online: A review of the research. Review of Educational Research, 76, 93135

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Essay Samples For Bank Exams

Essay Samples For Bank ExamsEssay samples for bank exams can be used in many ways. You may wish to have a copy of them printed up so that you can take them along to practice during your exam. This is a great idea as it will allow you to save yourself some time and effort during the actual test. It also means that you can go over your answer choices and make sure that they are all correct before you start taking the actual test.One of the best ways to use the samples is to use them as good practice questions. These can be used either during or after the actual exam to help you prepare. If you decide to take the sample essay with you, it can be a great tool in that you will be able to use it to practice and hone your skills.The sample essay itself can be made out of any number of topics that you choose. If you are studying for the bank exam, you may want to consider ones about whether your business should deal with customers at all or only clients. This is important because customers a re more likely to come back if they feel that they can always count on you to get the job done.You can also use the sample essay as a way to think about your company and how it relates to your industry. Consider how your competitors are in your industry, and what you can do to stand out from them. Doing this will help you with your thinking in preparing for the actual exam.Because many people prefer to use the samples, it is important to ensure that you have them handy when it comes to the actual test. Having one of the samples within reach is going to make it easier to read. You will also be able to reference them as you need them when you are taking the exam.When taking the bank exam, there are several things that you will need to remember. Many people find that these essay samples for bank exams can be very helpful as they help them remember the information and answers that they have to know. Other people find that they have a much easier time when using the samples as opposed to taking them directly from the syllabus.The main advantage to using the sample essays is that they will help you focus on certain information. This can make you more focused on what you have to say during the exam. It can also help you remember important points that you may have forgotten.You can purchase essay samples for bank exams that you can use for free from various resources on the internet. It is a good idea to do this if you plan on taking the exam. You should also make sure that you review these samples whenever you can, since you will likely be forced to do so. The sample essays that you use can help you focus better on certain areas during the actual exam.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

How to Write an Essay Topics for Territorial Army Exam

How to Write an Essay Topics for Territorial Army ExamYou want to know how to write an essay topics for territorial army exam. This question is probably the first question you will be asked by the soldiers who will take your test. And the reason behind this is that this essay writing task is part of the content of the test, which makes it very important.The first step in writing an essay topics for the territorial army exam is to identify your subject. This is because you have to identify your topic and then describe your topic. This description will be included in the sentence in which you are about to begin the essay. In this example, we will be defining the terms 'territorial army'government.'Identifying the topic is an important step because it can greatly affect your approach in writing the essay. As an example, if you are writing the essay as a single paragraph, then the topic can be simple - for example the titles of books or works of literature. But if you are writing the ess ay as a two-paragraph essay, then you will have to write the description about the geographical features or the locations where you have been involved in the course of your military career.The next step in how to write an essay topics for territorial army exam is to write a description of the geography of the region where you were called up. The use of a descriptive word such as, 'The Bolivian Amazon' can be used in the introduction to the paragraphs. This is because people will know how to read this. They will not need to know the exact geography of the Amazon, but they will be able to recognize that it is in the same region as the first geography section.The next area of information that will be included in the description is the names of the people who are in the region. In this case, the Latin name of the region is 'Mozambique' which is the name of the first element of the name. This is the point when people will read the sentence and know where you have been and what you have b een doing.After reading the introduction and the description of the geography, the way to write an essay topics for territorial army exam is to use some discussion. You can use some creativity to give a detailed explanation of the geographic features. In this case, people will only need to read the two paragraphs of the essay and will know where you have been and what you have been doing.How to write an essay topics for territorial army exam can be easy with the help of the term geography. The geography is a very important area to know. The world is very different from our own. The way to write an essay topics for territorial army exam will be easy with the help of this concept.

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The Argument About Research Paper Online Free

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You can rest assured that all the custom papers that we write are plagiarism-free When employing a service for custom paper writing, you need to be certain to use one which is going to make sure that your bit of work will be completely and utterly free of plagiarism. With a great idea and a good outline, the remainder of the paper is a cinch. Research Paper Online Free - the Conspiracy Clearly, there's more than 1 person who'd attempt to use a totally free research paper as original writing. It's illegal to copy somebody else's material. Also, mention should you need some extra materials. Even though the research paper might not be very enjoyable to write, it's a practical tool for professors. Writing a good research paper rides on the wisdom of students and on the obvious comprehension of students on particular topic. Usually, students are on a small budget, so they're hunting for low-cost rese arch papers to order. There are many students who want assistance with respect to writing thesis statement or papers. Grid paper can enable you to create schedules much easier, which can enable you to see easily what it is which you will need to do in your day, and see easily the things which you already have done. Be selective in what you would like to write and make sure it ought to be concise. What you should do is to fill out the purchase form, make a payment, and in a few minutes, you'll get your individual essay helper. Then obviously, you must remember you're likely to earn a terrific financial saving. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Research Paper Online Free By using graphing paper you've printed off online, you can produce drawings which are proportionately correct, and you'll also have the ability to generate high-quality charts and graphs for your work, your schoolwork, or even for your personal use. Get that high grade you've always deserved. 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